Benson Tel Service (BTS) was founded in 1990 by Bill Benson in Partridge, Kansas. After retiring with over 35 years of experience with Pacific Bell, Southwestern Bell and AT&T, Bill began contracting to area businesses, taking care of their various communication needs. Early on, he saw that he would not be able to keep up with the mounting need for advanced communication services in rural locations.

In 1991, Bill’s son, Brody Benson, hired on and they decided to take the company into marketing in addition to contracting with telecommunications giant, AT&T. Now, BTS has positioned itself as a full-service communications company specializing in new system sales, ISP, maintenance and support and cabling.

In 2000, BTS installed its first internet tower in Reno County, Kansas and began supplying internet with wireless technology to local farmers and ranchers. Since that time, BTS has expanded to 9 more new towers and communities bringing the internet to where, before, there had been none.

“I believe in our communities and working together with people that share the same vision as I do.” says Brody Benson, CEO. “So, it wasn’t a difficult decision to partner with local companies and help grow our business and theirs. Working with local business owners has brought new opportunities that will ensure the growth of our communities by keeping our money local and insuring jobs for our communities.”


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