The Kansas Cabling and Wire Contractors Best Friend

When cabling and wire must be run across long spans under the floor or overhead, Kansas cabling and wire contractors use different types of cable trays to get the job done. Cable trays are designed to provide support for network infrastructures so that wiring does not become overheated, pinched or susceptible to electromagnetic interference. They can be linked together to create a support structure that is very basic or highly complex.

The type of cable trays Kansas cabling and wire contractors can find themselves using often depends on the job and the structure they will be installed in. However, in each case, they are installed in such a way that makes any future maintenance and modifications easy to attend to. To ensure the safety of the infrastructure wiring, Kansas cabling and wire contractors must install cable tray systems to the appropriate specifications and standards.

Basket-style cable trays are the most common type of cable tray in use because they can be mounted along walls, hung from the ceiling or run below a raised floor. They are typically made of steel and may or may not have a powder coat or zinc plating. The spaces in basket-style cable trays allow for air to flow through and keep wiring well-ventilated.

Fiberglass cable trays are non-conductive and do not need to be grounded like metal cable trays. Though lightweight, they are extremely durable and less likely to corrode due to contact with water or chemicals. They are often UV-resistant as well. Kansas cabling and wire contractors tend to consider fiberglass cable trays a good choice for outdoor use.

In the case of fiber optic cabling, PVC cable trays are deemed the more appropriate option. This type of cable tray has an open top with side walls and a solid floor. The flat bottom ensures bend-sensitive fiber optic cabling can lay does not sag or have any risk of becoming pinched. It is also one of the more cost effective cable management solutions when installed by experienced Kansas cabling and wire contractors.

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