Fiber Optic Cabling Kansas Businesses With a Need for Speed

When using fiber optic cabling Kansas businesses will find themselves benefiting in a number of ways. At one time, it was considered too pricey and complex a solution for the average business and more suitable for those large organizations that had cash to burn. Luckily, our widening dependence on technology and a need for greater bandwidth is making all that a thing of the past.

When using fiber optic cabling Kansas businesses are now using a new generation of fiber optics that still basically consists of glass threads about the width of a human hair bundled into cable. However, new standards and developments are creating a cable that is less sensitive to bending and can send information at lightning fast speeds. With businesses heavily depending on up-to-date information, it is easy to see why most ITS installers see fiber optic cabling Kansas businesses as a more reliable option than traditional copper wiring.

Plus, with fiber optic cabling Kansas businesses that have concerns with the safety and security of their data can have more confidence in their ability to safeguard information. Because fiber optic cables require skill and training to splice correctly, they are less susceptible to being tapped. And, because they transmit data using light impulses, they are less likely to experience damage from electrical surges or become impaired in settings where there is a high amount of electromagnetic activity.

There’s no doubt that fiber optic cabling has pushed telecommunications and computer networking farther than ever expected. And it is likely to go further with time. At BTS, we’ve been keeping up with all those advances. Our technicians are certified to install many types of fiber optic cables in both interplant and direct buried applications. When it comes to fiber optic cabling Kansas businesses can depend on BTS Advanced Communications to design their ultimate fiber optic solution.


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