Is it Time for Your Own Data Network Cabling System?

question markAre you wondering if your business needs to invest in an organized system of data network cabling? These days, there are few businesses that don’t rely on computers or computer-related devices for their day-to-day operations. However, what conditions justify installing a network infrastructure for a business? Is it just about having computers or does there need to be a certain number of computers? Is it worth considering for a small business or is this something only large corporations do?

Though there is no one magical answer that can determine which businesses need a data network cabling system and which do not, there are some very important considerations that can help make the decision easier.

  • Do you want and need a network system that offers more reliability?
  • How much would integrating your computer, phone and other related technologies improve daily business operations?
  • Do you have the type of business where you can likely expect to upgrade your equipment to keep up with emerging technologies over the coming years?

Even if there isn’t a need for an entire IT department, a small business with ten or less computers can still justify (and benefit from) a certain level of organized data network cabling. The thing to understand about larger data network cabling systems is they are a long-term solution that, once installed, becomes part of a building’s structure. With proper maintenance and support, it can last through decades of system upgrades and modifications.

An organized network system will also make finding and correcting problems much easier and quicker. This means less downtime and less chance of losing data– which can sometimes lead to lost customers and lost revenue. And, as an added bonus, it simply makes a business look more efficient and professional.

At BTS Advanced Communications, we will always consider your business’s needs and budget when evaluating a network infrastructure solution. The data network cabling system we design and install for you will always be no more and no less than what you need—that’s if you need one at all.


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