Are You Finally Ready for a Communications and Cabling System You Can Be Proud Of?

Does your communications and cabling system look like this?

Well, it shouldn’t.

Taking a lax approach to cable management is one of the costliest things a business can do to itself. Inadequate support and bundling of a data infrastructure affects the individual conductors in cables or wires. When that happens, you can only expect so much out of your network system.

It is easy to assume that since customers will never see your cable management system (or lack thereof), there’s really no need or rush to worry about getting it organized. Yet, if there is one thing that will give customers a bad taste in their mouth, it is constant and inconvenient downtimes– something that is rather common for a communications and cabling system that is left in disarray.

One of the most reliable ways to organize a communications and cabling system is with a ladder rack. A ladder rack can be installed in new or existing structures. It not only keeps cabling safe and organized, it will minimize downtime and make it easier to find a problem when there is one. Upgrades and modifications will take less time to carry out as well, which means your business maintains its tempo and stays running smoothly.

Integrating a ladder rack into your communications and cabling system offers the option of using both straight and curved sections. A design can be made to run through ceilings, floors or walls. Once installed to code, it will merge seamlessly with runs to the top of cabinets, equipment racks as well as integrate with any newly installed or existing wiring.

It doesn’t matter if your network infrastructure is small, medium or large, ladder rack systems are an extremely customizable option. Let our experienced technicians and installers here at  BTS Advanced Communications get your communications and cabling system right where it needs to be.


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