BTS Advanced Communications: Kansas Data Cabling Installation at Your Service!

BTS Advanced Communications is a Kansas data cabling installation service that truly understands the importance of cabling and wire for your network. These days, computer systems in an office or business setting rarely ever stand alone. The last thing any business can afford is to lose data (or its customers) because of a spotty network infrastructure. Dependability of all the components in a system is a must.

However, not everyone else is up on the different types of data cabling or exactly why it is so important to use the correct type. As a Kansas data cabling installation service, BTS Advanced Communications can ensure its customers that it is well-versed in the uses of twisted pair, Ethernet and fiber optic cabling for use in network systems.

Unshielded twisted pair (or, UTP) is a type of wiring commonly utilized in Kansas data cabling installation jobs. Eight wires are twisted together, two at a time, to create four pairs of wire. These ‘twisted pairs’ are housed together in an outer plastic lining. The way that each pair is twisted together helps prevent electromagnetic interference from other devices which minimizes network failures.

Ethernet is another type of wiring that is frequently used in Kansas data cabling installation jobs. Though used in larger capacities, Ethernet can be used to connect networks with as little as two computers. Ethernet comes in different categories referred to as category 3, cat 5E, cat 6 and 6A, with cat 5e being the top choice for network installations of all sizes.

Fiber optic network cabling is cabling that stands apart because it transmits light impulses as opposed to electrical signals. It is used most commonly for networks spanning large distances or whenever a network system is likely to be affected by large amounts of electromagnetic interference. It is the top choice for use in network infrastructures for large businesses.

Even though wireless networks are gaining their ground in business settings, new categories and standards for data cabling are still being developed. This shows that the dependence on cabling and wiring is not likely to disappear any time soon. Luckily, BTS Advanced Communications will still be there to handle all Kansas data cabling installation jobs with the same standard of excellence they have always followed.


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