Business Phone Systems: IP Phones for VoIP vs. PSTN

Voice over Internet Protocol, how it worksIP phones are used with VoIP applications to transmit voice over the internet. In fact, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In traditional telephony, analog voice data is moved between two points over cabling on what is known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). With VoIP, voice data travels digitally over different routes across the internet in innumerable individual network packets to a destination. This is referred to as ‘packet-switched technology’.

Many offices have switched to using IP phones connected to a VoIP service provider because of its many useful features.  Here is a list comparing the features of traditional phones on a PSTN and IP phones on a VoIP application:

Involves using dedicated lines of 64kbps All channels carried over a single internet connection at 10kbps
Features such as Caller ID and call waiting tend to cost extra Features such as Caller ID and call waiting are frequently included for free with service
Has the option of being upgraded or expanded using new equipment and running extra lines Usually only requires bandwidth and software adjustments for upgrades
Long distance charges are by the minute or bundled into phone service packages Most VoIP services include long distance in their regular monthly price
Hardwired landline phones (but not cordless phones with adaptors) will remain on when the electricity goes out Cannot run during a power outage without a backup power source
Allows 911 calls to be traced to your location 911 emergency calls are not always traceable to an exact geographic location

All in all, IP phones are often chosen to replace traditional business phone systems because it is more cost effective for a company’s bottom line.

If you’re considering IP phones for your business, BTS Advanced Communications is ready to help design a convenient, user-friendly business phone system to custom-fit your company’s needs.


One response to “Business Phone Systems: IP Phones for VoIP vs. PSTN

  1. IP Phones indeed make a good features. I’ll check out one.

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