BTS Advanced Communications: Improving Lives with Kansas Wireless Internet Service

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BTS Advanced Communications has been providing rural Kansas wireless internet service in order to help residents stay connected with the rest of the world. We all know how this much-needed service can help small town businesses compete in a global market. But did you know that it helps people stay ‘competitive’ in their own lives as well?

There are two areas where Kansas wireless internet service has had a noticeable impact for individuals living in remote townships. The first is in education and the other is in employment opportunities by way of ecommerce or internet-based work from home jobs. Rather than take on long commutes to an onsite job or campus, it is possible to become an employee or student without having to leave the comfort of home!

There is no doubt that online education has been one of the biggest advantages of the internet. And, there is no doubt as to how necessary education is for a good career. With the ability to communicate anywhere in the world using Kansas wireless internet service, it is possible to gain (or further) an education with in-state or out-of-state programs. Rather than being relegated to a few limited options, there are now many choices for those living in small towns to devise a more personalized, custom-fit educational strategy.

When jobs have been limited or scarce due to a town’s location, many small town residents have improved their standing using Kansas wireless internet service to find or create employment opportunities. If it isn’t internet-based businesses using auction sites such as eBay or, companies hiring online customer service reps, data entry and similar services are popular online employment opportunities.

Thanks to BTS Advanced Communications and Kansas wireless internet service, many small town residents have found a way to improve their lives– without having to go very far at all!


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