Why You Had a Bad Experience with Your Network Cabling Installer

You knew you would need to hire a network cabling installer sooner or later. Unfortunately, you opted for later rather than sooner. Perhaps it didn’t make the top ten on the ‘Important Things to Do’ list. Maybe you didn’t know what to expect or what you really needed to look for. After all, it’s “just some wires” and all that ‘”techy” stuff can be rather overwhelming.

Here at BTS Advanced Communications, we’ve been called to rectify some bad network cabling situations.  But don’t go on defense. Mistakes happen and it’s best just to take a look at what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen next time.

Big Mistake #1-You based your choice on the lowest bid.

In this economy, a low bid is going to be attractive– especially when you’re on a budget or when other bids seem astronomically high. Network cabling companies that are smaller or just starting out sometimes try to attract customers by undercutting their competition. Nevertheless, a small company worth its grit– and that has some pride– knows how to value its service and will price themselves accordingly. A bid that is conspicuously low can be indicative of someone with very little training in cabling installation. Or, it may be a scheme to lure you in and, once the contractor is on the job, start discovering additional charges and fees along the way. Voila. Your low bid becomes anything but.

Big Mistake #2- You didn’t check your network cabling installer’s references.

If you had, you would have known they’ve only been in business for 6 weeks and their home office is run out of the back of a 1977 Econoline camper van. In addition to phone numbers and addresses,  ask for pictures or video of jobs they have completed that are similar in scope and size to yours.

Big Mistake #3- You didn’t define your requirements with your cabling installer.

There should always be a clear understanding of the job and its expectations and that can only happen through an open dialogue with your contractor. In addition, he or she should be able to provide you with a plan that shows the quantities of what parts and materials will be necessary. This shows that your network cabling installer has actually taken the time to investigate what will need to be done to complete the job.


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