The Differences in Fiber Cabling Is in the Bulk

optical fibers

Telecommunications is an industry and profession where you’ll hear a lot of talk about the pros and cons of fiber cabling. We talk about its superior bandwidth, how it is less susceptible to signal degradation and how it takes up way less space than its counterparts. Of course, you can’t forget to mention the other side of the coin; like how fiber cabling has to be handled gently since it has the tendency to be rather sensitive and won’t work so well when it bends too much. Yet, there’s something we sometimes forget to mention: not all fiber optic cabling is the same.

That is to say, there are actually two different kinds of fiber cabling. One is known as ‘Outside Plant’ fiber optics and the other as ‘Premises’ fiber optics. While one is used for heavier applications in large network infrastructures, the other is used for jobs that are much smaller.

Outside Plant fiber cabling, or OSP, is mostly used by telephone and cable companies. Because it is specially designed to withstand the elements, this is the fiber optic cabling that hangs from poles, stretches through industrial conduits, is buried underground or submerged underwater. OSP is what many companies are using as the answer for reducing copper theft.

Premises fiber optics is used to create such things as a local area networks for companies or institutions. While OSP fiber optics has a high count of about 288 fibers and can come in lengths of up to two and a half miles, Premises fiber optics will have a fiber count of up to 48– and the lengths involved seldom go more than a few hundred feet.

With a team that offers fifty years of combined experience, BTS Advanced Communications definitely knows the differences in cabling options. In fact, we not only work with fiber optic cabling but other network cabling such as category 3, Cat5E, 6 and 6A. Click here to learn more about what BTS can do when it comes to fiber cabling for your business.


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