So What Is an ITS Installer and What Do They Actually Do?

An ITS Installer, or Information Transport System Installer, has a job description that involves quite a wide range of skills for a wide range of responsibilities. More than just having a knowledge of telecommunications in addition to computers and electronics, this type of trained professional must also know:
  • the mechanical uses of tools
  • the principles of customer service
  • the codes of public safety and security

As per their job description, ITS Installers monitor system operations, conduct quality control analysis, troubleshoot operating errors, repair network systems and machines as well as maintain equipment.

An ITS Installer can find him or herself involved in the installation, set-up or the reorganization of such things as computer or phone system networks in office settings. It can also include installing communications equipment and wiring throughout newly-constructed or existing buildings.

So, depending on what an ITS Installer is hired for, he or she may be doing any one or more of the following:

  • Taking care of the design, modification, assembly or installation of various types of communications equipment and its related wiring
  • Testing equipment that is newly installed, repaired or updated for proper function and compliance to all required specifications
  • Changing out defective or damaged equipment, wires and related components
  • Using test equipment such as cable analyzers to confirm an adequate power supply or to locate glitches in order to evaluate the readings and form a repair strategy
  • Demonstrating communications equipment to customers and explaining their applications and proper use
  • Cooperating with a company’s IT team to create a network system or other solutions
  • Adjusting equipment to enhance its performance in accordance with a customer or business’s needs
  • Mapping and modifying network connections and infrastructures
  • Measuring distances between building fixtures to identify viable network cabling routes
  • Performing routine maintenance on equipment, wiring and other related components

As you can see, this is a highly-specialized profession that requires dependability, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, integrity and a proclivity for cooperation. If you’re looking for the kind of  ITS Installer that can do all this with twenty years of experience to boot, you’re looking for BTS Advanced Communications.


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