Not All Companies Listed Under Cabling and Communications, Ks are Equal

CableWhen looking at a listing for cabling and communications, Ks, an individual is most likely in the market for a reliable provider with knowledge and experience. After all, any type of work that has to do with cabling and communications is no minor task– it is a job that needs to be done right. These days, no business can afford downtime just because of some inadequate and shoddy workmanship.

Keep in mind that once you find your provider, you’re in for a long relationship. Therefore, a provider listed for cabling and communications, Ks should be fully certified and accredited and have a firm understanding of new installations, expansions and upgrades. Regardless of what option your business requires, all work should be done to meet warranty satisfaction.

A company listed under cabling and communications, Ks should also have no problem furnishing references, complete with addresses, phone numbers and a point of contact for each listing. When you contact these references, be sure to ask if there was a complete and informed approach to every aspect of the job or if the job was carried out with little communication or disjointedly. Be sure to inquire about the quality of the provider’s continued customer support service as well.

What separates a good provider listed under cabling and communications, Ks from another is the way the job will be managed. Does the provider offer a site survey and a custom quote or simply take a quick look around before throwing out an estimate? Does the provider expect to work during business hours or after? If during, how does the provider plan to minimize the disruption of your day-to-day operations?

Also, examine your estimate in detail. There are times when a provider will attempt to gain your business with an extremely low quote and then discover numerous ‘extra charges’ as the job progresses. If your provider doesn’t measure up to the necessary requirements, keep going until you find one that does. Or you can cut to the chase and call BTS Advanced Communications, your top provider under the listing for cabling and communications, Ks.


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