Need Help with a Business Phone System? We’ll Hook You Up

Phone at MKW.You went through the daunting task of replacing your business phone system. And to be smart, you took on the extended five year warranty. Who could have known that the day after that five year warranty expired, your system would suddenly start having trouble? Perhaps you’re in a place where you’ve started to realize you’re simply going to have to upgrade or expand your current phone system. Problem is, no one is willing to help because you’ve been banished to the ‘Heirloom Club’ for having what is deemed a legacy phone system.

Since a new business phone system every five years isn’t in everyone’s budget, BTS Advanced Communications is ready to pick up where you’ve been left hanging. We have experienced technicians that can help maintain or upgrade your system so that neither your business nor your budget has to take another hit. Whether it’s AT&T, Avaya, Lucent or any other make and model, we’re willing to share our fifty-plus years’ worth of experience to make sure you can keep in touch.

Even if your business phone system is considered out of date, we have a wide number of resources to help us find service parts for older systems. In the rare instance that we are unable to fix your business phone system, you won’t be billed a dime and we will then help you explore your options for something that meets your needs. BTS Advanced Communications also diagnoses and repairs issues with PBX and key systems as well. And just in case you want to make the jump into unified communications for your business, we’ve got you covered there as well.

BTS Advanced Communications looks forward to helping businesses throughout the central Kansas area with their business phone system needs.


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