Business Neuroanatomy 101: Cabling a Network

Whether it is a small bank, doctor’s office or a corporate headquarters, cabling a network for various technologies requires an optimal level of precision. It does not matter how high-tech the computers, registers or phone system might be. Without the proper cabling infrastructure, information and data cannot travel back and forth in the way it needs to. As some businesses have regretfully found, this is something that can be quite crippling and cost a pretty penny to fix.

Think of cabling a network for a business phone or computer system in the same way you would think of your central nervous system. You have arms and legs, hands and feet. However, those are just body parts if you don’t have the ability to send messages to the brain. If the neural network is somehow disrupted or unable to send nerve impulses, things just aren’t going to work the way they should and you may find yourself in big trouble!

Further, if anything were to ever go wrong with a person’s nervous system, rather than just opt for any old doctor, a person would likely want the skills of highly-trained professionals who specialize in these types of delicate structures. The same goes when it comes to cabling a network for a business. Rather than leave such an important task to someone who hopefully knows what he or she is doing, you want a BICSI certified technician that is extensively trained in the standards and specifications of cabling a network infrastructure.

At BTS, we offer just that. BICSI certified technicians are not only well-versed in the installation of complex network infrastructures, they remain in observance of the strict standards set by Building Industry Consulting Service International. When it’s time to install, upgrade or expand your business’s ‘central nervous system’, let our highly-trained professionals work on cabling a network infrastructure that will make your business more than just a sum of its parts.


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