2012 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge: It’s On!

Each year, the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge allows accredited BICSI installers and technicians to show their skills and earn some definite bragging rights. The winner not only earns the title of ‘BICSI Installer of the Year’ but a grand prize of $5000. Participants are typically selected to compete based on their professionalism, work experience and the quality of their resume.

This year, the 2012 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge will be held on February 12th through the 15th at the Winter Conference & Exhibition in sunny Orlando, Florida. According to BICSI’s website, the competition will be comprised of these seven events:

  • Event A: SCS Installation
  • Event B: Copper Cable Terminations & Firestopping
  • Event C: Fiber Termination
  • Event D: Cable Assembly
  • Event E: Cable Troubleshooting/Technical Support
  • Event F: Competency Exam
  • Event G: Professionalism/Orientation

Technicians and installers that choose to take on this prestigious challenge must start by getting the sponsorship of their employer before submitting an application. When chosen to compete in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, competitors will find themselves racing against the clock to successfully– and proficiently– complete tasks in the categories above.

Not to be left out, businesses in the telecommunications field are invited get in on the action by sponsoring the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge with their products. The donated gear and equipment will be used by contestants during the competition. All that needs to be done for a business to take part is to fill out a sponsorship application and list the type of materials they would like to contribute for the contest.

This is the fifth annual competition put out by BICSI and it is one of the most popular and respected events in the telecommunications industry. So if you’re interested, it’s time to get practicing! The deadline for entering the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge is January 12, 2012.


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