BTS Advanced Communications: A Kansas Telecommunications Provider for the Hutchinson Credit Union Support Center

As a Kansas telecommunications provider, BTS Advanced Communications knows an unfailing network infrastructure is a must for modern industries. However, it is extremely significant when it comes to financial institutions and their affiliated establishments because of the combination of sensitive information and security issues. Communication and the transmission of data must be optimal and requires an installation that is exact and professional.

BTS was very proud to be able to provide such an installation for the Hutchinson Credit Union Support Center in Hutchinson, Kansas. Thanks to twenty years as a Kansas telecommunications provider  and a great team that combines BICSI certified practices with decades of practical experience, we were able to meet the challenge of installing this sophisticated information transport system successfully.

Space is limited with less than 4 inches to install 288 Cat5E UTP cables to work station locations. Lights and fire sprinkler system locations make the pathway and spaces a difficult task to install the new Information Transport System. BTS ITS Installers installed a Tray system on either side of a main support beam to support the cable above the installed grid ceiling. This tray will keep the weight of the cable off the grid work. Cable pathways are installed to clear electric, HVAC, plumbing, and other building systems.

Doing good work should be the goal of every Kansas telecommunications provider. However, at BTS, we insist on doing better than good.

In order to install the cables in a manner that is safe and protected, a Kansas telecommunications provider must have a true understanding of every piece of hardware being used in addition to the best arrangement for cables.

At BTS Advanced Communications, we take pride in being a Kansas telecommunications provider!

See more pictures of our work here!


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