BTS Advanced Communications: Information Transport Specialists of Kansas

BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks is an established provider of information transport services using fiber optic and copper structured cabling solutions. The company has experience installing these systems in new construction as well as remodels in addition to single and multi-location sites. Before anything, BTS performs comprehensive on-site surveys and works to create a design and installation that best serves their customer’s requirements.

These days, just about every business in every industry needs information transport services on some level. Large or small, BTS is capable of installing information transport systems dealing with data, telephone, video, voice, security or any combination thereof. Their expertise comes in the form of BICSI certified technicians, twenty years in the communications business and decades of experience from members of a well-qualified team of specialists.

BTS excels in the design and installation of transport information systems by keeping a focus on the needs of their customers, no matter how basic or highly-customized those needs may be. As technology moves forward, the demand for networks that move more data at higher speeds is increasing. That is why it is standard operation for BTS to help their customers save their bottom line and create information transport systems that can be adapted for coming technologies.

BTS Advanced Communications also maintains strict adherence to state and local requirements as well as industry standards for every systems installation. These systems are mapped and tested not only to ensure complete customer satisfaction but to also ensure all aspects of each manufacturer’s warranties are met. BTS only uses top-of-the-line equipment for the testing of each installation and gladly provides certification results upon request.

Many companies and businesses know they must invest in technology to some degree in order to stay competitive. However, what drives BTS Advanced Communications to excellence is knowing that even the most innovative equipment is just equipment unless and until it has the proper information transport system.


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