BTS: On the Line with Legacy Phone Systems

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...No matter how much work we do with new technologies, legacy phone systems happen to be an area we are quite proficient in here at BTS Advanced Communications. We know that it isn’t always reasonable or cost-effective for a business to replace an entire phone system– especially when it has lasted the test of time and has seen your business through every peak and valley. There are times when you’d rather be as loyal to your phone system as it has been to your business.

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, it doesn’t take very long for phone systems to become outdated. When it comes to the older legacy phone systems, they are usually a brand and model that was built to last– and then when they do, there’s nobody to work on them. (And good luck trying to get help from the manufacturer or the phone company when you need repair or maintenance!)

At BTS, if we can find the parts, we’ll repair your system or at least devise a reasonable solution. Occasionally when it comes to legacy phone systems, it pays to enhance or modify an existing setup with third-party products to improve the way your system operates. It’s simply a cost-effective way to keep the system you have rather than replacing it. Plus, we can do this without complicating the whole process of making a simple phone call.

A phone system that is out of warranty or no longer manufactured will always present some type of challenge when it comes to maintaining its operational efficiency. Most business phone system providers don’t even want to be bothered with legacy phones and would rather sell you a whole new system instead. Thanks to our team of certified, experienced technicians, BTS has managed to establish the kind of well-rounded talent that doesn’t shy away from servicing legacy phone systems.


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