Small Business, Big Solution: Centralized Office Communications Equipment

Office SpaceNo matter what industry you work in, if you’re going to have an office you’re going to have the office communications equipment that handles email, phone calls and even faxes. In the beginning, most small businesses make do with the setup they have. However, when business starts to grow, you want to keep the momentum going and it’s easy to get frustrated at the valuable time that is lost with miscommunications or when employees wander off in search of a document.

An office with three or more computers usually has some degree of network infrastructure. However, most small businesses tend to stall at going too much further thinking they don’t have the budget to integrate their office communications equipment like larger companies do. Luckily, ultra-sophisticated systems are not a requirement for implementing a network solution that optimizes day-to-day business and intra-office communications.

With a single LAN network and one to two servers, a system can be created that will centralize office communications equipment and allow employees to share information and improve their communication with each other. There is no need to have an IT team waiting in the wings to create this type of network solution. All it takes is a BISCI certified contractor who has knowledge and experience designing straightforward, efficient and secure network infrastructures.

BTS Advanced Communications understands the needs of unifying office communications equipment for small but growing businesses and can make sure your investment is worth the return. When you let our BICSI certified technicians assess your current infrastructure, we can determine a solution that not only fits your needs today but has the scalability to handle future growth. The right plan for centralizing your office communications equipment will give your small business the necessary elements to stay competitive in a big way.


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