Did You Know? BTS Advanced Offers Internet Serving Central Kansas

Along with other great services, BTS Advanced Communications is your source for internet serving central Kansas communities such as:

  • Abbyville
    office desk
  • Arlington
  • Castleton
  • Partridge
  • Plevna
  • Pretty Prairie
  • Rural Reno County

The internet is invaluable for rural communities not only for staying in touch with the world but other practical purposes such as running a home business or taking long distance education courses. With packages starting at $27.95 a month, you’ll have the internet serving whatever needs you may have, whether it’s keep keeping current with what’s going on in the world or managing the bills with internet banking.

To start, BTS takes the time to offer internet serving households of all different types. Residential packages of 768Kbps, 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps ensure you’ll never have more or less than what you need. Don’t know which one will work best for you? Let’s break it down.

  • If you don’t spend much time on the internet but still want to be able to check your email and catch up on news, sports and the weather, our 768Kbps service is just for you. For $27.95 a month, you’ll get a free email account and an always-on connection.
  • If you like to do all the things above but also like using video chat and downloading videos off of YouTube and Hulu, consider the 1.5Mbps package. A good choice for only $37.95 a month in addition to a free email account!
  • Many households have more than one computer where at least one is busy on a constant basis. If you have a family that spends a lot of time on the computer, the 3Mbps is probably the best option to ensure fast downloads and consistent up-time for only $47.95 a month.

Not to be left out, BTS is the premiere provider for internet serving businesses in the central Kansas area as well. Before we do anything, we always take the time to consider not only your business needs but your budget as well. We have the certification and experience to set up your entire network infrastructure and design a strategy that will streamline your day-to-day business operations.

So if you’re looking for a provider who makes it their mission to offer internet serving residential and business customers on a whole new level, you’re looking for BTS Advanced Communications.


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