Fiber Optics: The Backbone of Telecommunications and Computer Networking

Here at BTS, we handle jobs using fiber optics on a regular basis. This is a technology that consists of glass threads about the width of a human hair bundled into cable. These days, it is widely used in telecommunications and computer networking projects.

Optical cable

Optical fibers have short and long-distance applications that are particularly advantageous. In long-distance applications, information can be transmitted much farther than conventional metal cable wiring. And because it can transmit data digitally (which is a computer’s natural language) and is less vulnerable to interference from electromagnetic sources, it is very useful for developing local-area networks. It also provides a larger bandwidth, meaning more data and information can be transmitted at once.

Fiber optics is a somewhat pricier technology compared to conventional metal cable wiring; but if you’ll notice, most telecommunications companies and computer networking services have traded out their metal cabling and wire for optical fiber setups. Fiber optics has the ability to do more with less and this can save space in a number of settings– particularly office buildings.

Fiber optics also offers more in the way of security. Because they transmit information through the use of light rather than electricity, they are less likely to fry in high-voltage environments or during sudden electrical surges, like a lighting strike. Fiber optic cables are also more delicate than metal cables and it takes great skill to splice them correctly. This makes them nearly impervious to tapping.

Fiber optic cabling has definitely revolutionized telecommunications and computer networking. Here at BTS, our knowledgeable and skilled technicians can install many types of fiber optic cables. We utilize pre-manufactured fiber cable from 62/125 to 50/125 interlock armored fiber for fast and secure fiber connections, both interplant and direct buried applications. Make no mistake– BTS has your fiber optics solution!


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