New Construction and Network Cabling: Friends at Last

Back in the day, network cabling was an afterthought in building construction. Somewhere near the end of a project, a small window of time was open for technicians to come in, configure a cabling installation solution and get out of the way. This could create some real tense situations when trying to work around certain architectural designs. However, it was also an opportunity to stay creative when it came to finding network infrastructure solutions.

And yet, had it not been for times like those, we would not have all the amazing tech-based building designs we have now. Now that technology has evolved by leaps and bounds (and we are utterly dependent on it), network cabling has become a fundamental part of building construction. It’s not just about making room for some computer cables anymore. There are office communications systems, security systems, audio and video systems and other highly-specialized configurations to consider.

What we have finally learned about building construction and technology is that getting the equipment for any type of these systems is the easy part. It is network cabling where things get labor intensive. This is an area that has standards and specifications that must be strictly adhered to in order to keep any network infrastructure functioning safely and properly. Many companies have learned the hard way that ignoring the issues of network cabling costs more money in the long-run.

At BTS, we work with new– and even not so new– construction to create smart and reliable cabling solutions. This is because we know technology changes and we assess not only your business’s needs in the here and now, but for the future as well. Let our team of certified technicians with over fifty years of technical knowledge (and practical experience!) assist you in creating a dependable, long-lasting network cabling solution.


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