A Look at Cat 6 Data Cabling


Those looking to install or upgrade to cat 6 data cabling may wonder what advantages are in store for them. After all, what about cat 5 and cat 5e that most networks are comprised of these days? While it’s true that these cabling solutions do quite well in their applications, cat 6 is a newer type of cabling infrastructure with specifications that are much more rigorous than cat 5 and cat5e because of the frequency it supports.

With data cabling such as cat 5e, you’re looking at running 150 MHz while supporting the usual gigabit Ethernet. However, cat 6 data cabling ups that support to 250 MHz with a 10 gigabit Ethernet and transmits information at up to 1000 Mbps. What does this mean? It means a network with a much greater bandwidth, less crosstalk and system noise and, all in all, a much stronger foundation for handling advanced applications and hardware.  For businesses, time is money and with the dependency on technology growing like it is, having a network that consistently supports its needs is a must.

The strict specifications and commercial/residential state codes surrounding the installation of cat 6 data cabling will create an obvious need for licensed, experienced technicians in order for the job to get done right. BTS meets the need of providing technicians licensed in cat 6 data cabling as well as solid experience in working with businesses to develop a network that lets them hit the ground running. For those already out of the gate, skilled BTS technicians know how to readily maintain a system and make sure it is in total compliance at every turn.

It doesn’t matter if it’s new installation, an upgrade or an expansion. If it looks like you’re on the path to supporting your business needs with cat 6 data cabling, BTS is ready to help.


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