It’s Not All Talk: BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks

Map of Kansas highlighting Reno County

The experienced technicians of BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks provides its customers with over half a century of experience in the communication industry.  The small company that started out merely contracting work to area businesses in 1990 is the same enterprise that stuck around and saw its first internet tower installed in 2000 in Reno County, Kansas. Since then, BTS has expanded to 9 new towers bringing internet service to areas that had previously gone without.

A search for BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks will show a company comprised of highly-skilled professionals proficient in the following:

  • internet service
  • network cabling
  • fiber optics
  • category 5e UTP
  • category 6/6a
  • ladder rack systems
  • unified communications
  • PBX/Key systems
  • Legacy phone systems

In addition, the team that makes up BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks is BICSI certified. This means that customers can count on BTS technicians to follow strict BICSI installation practices and ANSI/EIA/TIA standards and National Electric Codes. The company makes it their practice to stay well-ahead of the curve when it comes to new and emerging technologies.

BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks also uses top of the line equipment for each job. BTS tests every network cable with Fluke Networks DTX-1800 test equipment and furnishes certification results upon request with the completion of any project. This gives customers peace of mind that each task is being done right with their interests in mind rather than their pocketbook.

One of the most unique characteristics of BTS is their mantra of, “Principle before profit”. While most businesses are more interested in their bottom line, BTS has managed to draw in and keep a good number of their clientele by maintaining strong standards and developing solid customer relationships. So if you’re looking for a company you can count on for your information technology needs, look no further than BTS Advanced Communications, Partridge, Ks.


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