Data Cabling vs. Wireless: Who Wins?

Fibre optic strands

Wireless networking is everywhere these days so what does that mean for data cabling? That’s easy to wonder about since most electronic devices are manufactured and marketed for wireless capability these days. However, if physical cabling was totally obsolete, it would have gone the way of the floppy disk by now. Believe it or not, traditional network cabling still has its advantages over wireless.

Though there are other plusses, one area that data cabling definitely outshines wireless is in the issue of security. You don’t have to look far to find numerous examples where thieves have gained unauthorized access to wireless networks in order to steal sensitive information. That’s even when a wireless network is password protected! With data cabling, there is much less chance of this happening because your signal is not floating around but going straight to your network.

Plus, wireless networking is much more susceptible to electromechanical and radio frequency interference. Shielded network data cabling does not pick up interference, so there is no momentary lapse in signal as there often is with a wireless signal. This means no losing your work just because in the middle of transferring data the sudden drop in data rates corrupted all your files. With traditional cabling, the connection stays strong and consistent.

Another plus to consider is cabling in the form of fiber optics that allows the transmission of a larger amount of data at high speeds. Though the speeds may vary from network to network, you not only transmit more information, it can be transmitted over longer distances. And while you have greater mobility with wireless networking, you still have to stay within range of the transceiver.

At BTS, we understand all the ins and outs of network cabling and can help you maintain, upgrade or expand your network.  We love what we do and that’s why our courteous and trained technicians know just how to meet all your data cabling needs.


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